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storieses we have ever had here on "dateline." the story of master bob bashara. >> we had a drink. then down to the dungeon. >> reporter: this buttoned-down businessman living a secret sex life right out of "50 shades of grey." was there a darker secret he was hiding? >> did you murder your wife? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: he was the prime suspect. then someone else confessed. >> i hit her. i went, bam. >> reporter: soon master bob himself was confessing to something equally dark. >> bashara is looking for a hit man to knock off his hit man? >> reporter: what were the other secrets in the suburbs? >> i wanted them to know the truth. >> also tonight, another story that's all about secrets. >> it's kind of an addiction. the thrill of it. >> they were so hungry for fame they stole it, walking right into celebrities' homes. then walt zing right out with te ultimate goody bags. >> jewelry, cash, drugs if there were drugs. >> she became the face of it all. >> are you looking at jail time? >> i'm going to say no. >> she's never told the full story until now. >> my life was spiralling out of co
behind the st. louis cardinals. bob, when we see these two teams, the reds and d'backs, you think the story is joey votto, right? >> no question. the story is out there on that bump in the middle of the field. two pitchers that didn't figure to be in the rotations at the beginning of the season. mike like because of the rotation experiment was on the verge of getting set back to the minor leagues. patrick corbin in a spirited three-player race for that fifth spot in the rotation, he took it and ran with it. >> he really did run with it. he's trying to get to 10-0 on the season, becoming the first d'backs pitcher in history to start 10-0. two of the best teams in the national loog will go up against each other here next. both tylenol and bayer back & body are proven to be effective pain relievers tylenol works by blocking pain signals to your brain bayer back & body's dual action formula includes aspirin, which blocks pain at the site. try the power of bayer back & body. every time ryan newman finishes a race in a top 5 position, quicken loans will make a mortgage payment for five
states, accompanied by mr. bob mueller and mr. jim comey. >> good afternoon, everybody. please have a seat. for more than a century, we have counted on the dedicated men and women of the fbi to keep us safe. in that time, the fbi has been led by six directors and the second longest serving director of the fbi, for the last 12 years, an exemplary public servant, bob mueller. by law fbi directors only serve for 10 years, but back in 2011, when bob's term was up, i asked congress to give him two more years. it was not a request i made lightly, and i know congress did not grant it lightly, but at the time transitions were underway at the cia and the pentagon, and given the threats facing our nation, it was critical to have bob's strong leadership at the bureau. 12 years is a long time to do anything. and i guarantee you that bob's wife agrees. in addition to asking congress, we need approval from ann as well. today, as bob prepares to complete his service, this is a wonderful opportunity for all of us as a nation to say thank you to bob and ann, but also gives me a chance to announce my
she needed to say an apology on ashe youtube video. >> bob, is she allowable if she allowed this to go on at herture company? >> let me just say that she also said that she stated she made statements about jews, red necks. that covers the territory. >> no short >> she didn't go to short people. >> oh, mypl god. >> i think it's probably a bad rap personally. but the rest of this, she should have been gonely a long time i'll tell you one thing, if she can hear this, she should give me a call 'cause she might want toan go with me to a couple of places. >> meetings. >> meetings, yes. i got to be honest, i never heard of this woman before. i never watch food channels. >> your idea of a food channel is your throat. >> he just lights to eat it.oa >> i have to -- i'm not really defending the idea ofde pornography in the workplace. >> you kind of are.>> >> if everybody condemns thisho is honest, pornography in the workplace is a huge issue in every workplace. >> she's allowing the pornography -- >
on a youtube video. >> bob, is she responsible to allow this conduct, culture to go on at her company? >> let me say that she also said, stated she made jokes about jews, black people, red next. that covers the territory. >> no short people. >> didn't get in short people. >> oh, my gosh. >> i think it is probably a bad rap personally, but the rest of this, she should have been gone a long time ago. i tell you one thing, if she can hear this, she should give me a call, she may want to go with me to a couple of places. >> meetings. >> meetings. yes. i got to be honest with you. never heard of this woman before, i don't watch food channels. the whole thing bores me to death. >> your definition of a food channel is your throat. >> i have to defend, again, i am not defending the idea of pornography in the workplace. >> you kind of are. >> if everybody who condemns this is honest, pornography in the workplace is a huge issue in every workplace. >> but if she's allowing the pornography -- >> it is gross they're cooking while watching it, that kind of grosses me out. >> also one of her employees at o
two. >> bob: yeah. we should have that highlighted and that's what we should be seeing. >> bob: the issue is my number is not going to change. >> justin: two balls, one strike the count to jay bruce. high. 3-1. going back for the dodgers, look at what weeks has done. >> bob: not heaping problems on to don mattingly and the dodgers organization but what do you do when carl crawford and matt kemp come back? >> justin: a two-out walk issued to bruce. >> bob: nice problem to have, too many good players. >> justin: too many good players, all of them with pretty big contracts. you got crawford a big contract they took on from the red sox, matt kemp, that big $160 million contract a few years ago and andre ethier, arizona state guy, he has a big contract as well. two out, runner on first and todd frazier at the plate. a look back at bruce, who is 2 for 4 on the season in stolen bases. >> bob: todd frazier at the plate takes a lot of good natured ribbing from his teammates. he will occasionally take the ugliest swings you can see. he is so strong, he can take unorthodox, unbalanced swi
>> hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle, with bob beckel, eric bolling, andrea tan tear rose and greg gutfeld fold. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is the five. >> we're going to kick off the showow with a little faith book free for all.we w we're answering some of your questions knit smithed on our facebook page. there are lots offsu hot topics with the scandals in washington, including the nsa leak and snowden, irs targeting benghazia the department of justice reporter probe and much more. huge response. almost 4,000 posts.e. so thanks to everyone formost participating and i hope those of you that didn't feel bad right now. i've got the questions rightfeel here. vanna, the envelope. all right. i mean, somebody needs to give him a b-12 shot. come on.b let's participate. this question, first question goes to everyone. we'll start with greg 'cause he looks to apathetic. question, does anyone thinkooks edward snowden might have been a spy for china the whole time? it actual israeli a good bobowed question. >> he's not sexy enough to be am spy. you don't have thatwh
was this the first question? >> bob? >> by the way, no. he's not a bradley manning. >> he certainly is a james bond. before i get into my part of the question, i didn't realize this was father's day weekend. have i gotten this thing? >> it's not until sunday. you said there was two of you out there? there may be more. is that what you are saying? this is a fox news daddy alert. >> i don't think he gave up the big secrets. >> i love how we operate on half the information. i don't think he gave up that much. >> i would hardly call him a hero. do i think he. proed a national discussion, yes. i don't think we should be giving praise to this guy. i don't think he works if are the chinese. however now i think they are not going to let him out of that country without grilling the heck out of him. >> why wouldn't he? are pa. >> president obama said he will let him come back free and clear and they would be more than willing to let him go. >> not sure if that was sarah palin, but welcome to the fox news channel. >> i would agree snoweden was a hero if you viewed america as something like east germany. a tot
confirmation, that he will be confirmed for this position to succeed bob mueller. he'll be only the seventh person to lead the fbi in its person. mueller was the first person to serve all ten years of the statutory term, plus two more as the nation, the senate and the administration were nervous about changing fbi directors right around the time of the assassination of bin laden, concerned there might be terror attacks in response to that. they also had difficulty finding anybody who was willing to take it. now james comey has stepped forward saying he's willing to take the job. mueller will be leaving the position in early september, 12 years after he came in. >> and also, in addition to the questions that you pointed out he would likely face, he's expected to take questions regarding his role with a hedge fund and working with wall street after his years in washington. >> senator grassley has indicated he'd like to ask questions about that. he's spent most of his professional career as a prosecutor, 15 years as the number one federal prosecutor in new york as well as a prosecutor in virgi
with life, tonight, 8:00 p.m. be there. >>> i am dana perino, with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the tea party movement roaring back to life with the largest gathering in washington, d.c. since 2010. thousands of supporters gathered outside the capitol to stand up from targeting from the irs and push back on big government. several republican lawmakers were there, including ted cruz, rand paul, steve king. >> what's happening with the irs is an absolute outrage. >> we're stick and tired of government bullies, we need to send them home. >> if broad federal government can track every phone call, track every internet activity, track your credit card, track your cell phone and if the irs then can have a software package to focus their enforcement on the enemies of the president of the united states, this big brother has gotten creepier than george orwell thought it would ever get. >> we will kick this around. eric, wanted to ask you how after maybe a little time of being apart the mainstream republicans ar
, who has been the chief science correspondent at nbc news for almost four decades. bob is leaving us to begin a new chapter in his career. >> reporter: in his 38 years with nbc news, robert bazell has been on the front lines and at the forefront of science and health reporting. >> others get an infection. >> reporter: in the early 1980s, he was among the first journalist to report on a new illness, even before it was called aids. >> the scientists say this probably means they're dealing with some new deadly sexually transmitted disease. >> reporter: he chronicled the development of the shuttle program. >> what are your thoughts about the future of nasa now? >> reporter: and helped guide us through that tragic day when the challenger exploded in 1986. he tracked medical mystery, including fears that bird flu might spread worldwide. >> and if that happens, it will become a major global health threat. >> reporter: a special interest gene research on illnesses from breast cancer to alzheimer's. >> the research also solves a great mystery in biology. >> reporter: in iraq, bob brought home
whose approval he's lost using their e mail and phone records. >>> hello, everyone. bob beckel, dana perino, and greg, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." we have a jam-packed shows today. the autopsy results for james gandolfini should be released at any moment. we'll have the latest ton tragic death of the legendary sopranos star. and michael bloomberg's anti-gun group apologizes after calling the dead boston bomber, muslim terrorists, a quote, victim. gutfeld has them and him in their crosshairs. and who's the worst celebrity role model for your kids? is it the biebs, lohan? we've got the list. but first, let's kick things off with a little bit of politics. president obama mired in scandal. but that's not stopping him. he's moving full speed ahead on immigration, climate change, and obama care is looming. the stock market's crashing, iran's still pursuing nukes, msnbc's ratings are in free fall, and what does the president think of the single biggest threat to america? ladies and gentlemen, the commander in chief. >> the efforts of small climate change requires bold
serving director of the fbi, for the last 12 years, has been an exemplary public servant, bob mu moeller. by law, fbi directors only serve 10 years, back in 2011 when bob's term was up, i asked congress to give him two more years. it wasn't a request i made lightly and i know congress didn't grant it lightly but at a time when transitions were under way at the cia and the pentagon, and given the threats facing our nation, we felt it was critical to have bob's steady hand and strong leadership at the bureau. 12 years is a long time to do anything, and i guarantee you that bob's wife, ann, agrees. in addition to asking congress, i think we needed approval from ann as well for those extra two years. today, as bob prepares to complete his service, this is a wonderful opportunity to -- for all of us as a nation to say, thank you, to bob and ann. but also gives me a chance to announce my choice to be the next director of the fbi, jim comey. everyday our fbi special agents, analysts and professional staff devote and often risk their lives keeping us secure from the streets of our cities, to the
of the great state of virginia in 2009, governor ultrasound, conservative republican bob mcdonnell started charging the taxpayers of virginia for the dog's vitamins. the dog needed vitamins. he decided the taxpayers should pay for it. he charged to the taxpayers dog vitamins, breath freshening strips, deodorant, body wash, energy drinks, dry cleaning for the mcdonnell children's clothing. as governor of the state you are entitled to have the fax ptaxpa fund a lot of your normal living expenses but not the dog vitamins. not the little melty bad breath but it's not gum things. right? but because bob mcdonnell charged even that stuff to the state, rather than paying for it, himself, some poor government employee in virginia, the mansion director for the governor's mansion which is a public building in virginia as well as the residence for the first family, some state employee from the division of selected aswrensy support services had to write the most embarrassing letter ever. right? imagine this. dear governor sir. how would you put it? dear governor, we need to talk about the dog vitamins
weather and traffic together. how long will this beautiful weather last? let's go to bob turk in our first warning weather center. >> take a look at radar. we have two thundershowers. one extreme northeastern portions of cecil county. there you see it just around north della washings northeast of elkton, and around wilmington, gusty winds, some brief downpours for that cell. the other one just to the east of washington just popped up, this one right here over pg county. really, southeast d.c. it's got some heavy rain with it just north of clinton right there around the capital beltway. so a few folks will see some showers. most of us will not. now, as far as tomorrow is concerned, looks like we may have more activity in the region. a look at what you have on tap for tuesday. chel see. >> thanks, bob. you are exactly right. we could see a few more rain showers and thunderstorms as we head into tomorrow afternoon. let's take a look at this graphic. we've got a cold front that's setting up towards our north over the great lakes. that's going to be pushing down some energy into the mid- atlant
longest serving director of the fbi for the last 12 years has been an exemplary public servant, bob mueller. by law, fbi directors only serve for ten years. but back in 2011 when bob's term was up, i asked congress to give him two more years. it wasn't a request i made lightly. i know congress didn't grant it lightly. but at a time when transitions were under way at the cia and the pentagon, and given the threats facing our nation, we felt it was critical to have bob's steady hand and strong leadership at the bureau. 2 ye 12 years is a long time to do anything. i guarantee you that bob's wife agrees. in addition to asking congress, i think we needed approval from ann as well for those extra two years. today as bob prepares to complete his service, this is a wonderful opportunity for all of us as a nation to say thank you to bob and ann. but also gives me a chance to announce my choice to be the next director of the fbi, jim comey. every day our fbi's special agents, analysts, and professional staff devote and often risk their lives keeping us secure from the streets of our cities to
him for l two of america's biggest secrets. bob orr has the breaking news. two jets fly much too close over the skies of new york city. terrell brown on how it happened. we've learned that the c.i.a. has joined the syrian civil war, training the rebels. david martin has the breaking news. a surprise discovery of highly radioactive waste in washington state. ben traceo where it's coming from. and steve hartman "on the road" with joe cymeras. the plight of the homeless moved him to sheer charity. >> they're my family. they really are my family. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. we're beginning with breaking news that we've just confirmed in the newsroom. th ernment is bringing criminal charges, including charges of espionage, against edward snowden. snowden, as you will recall, is the former n.s.a. contract employee who exposed two of the government's top secret surveillance programs, one that collected the phone records of millions of americans and the other that monitored internet traffic. bob orr is in our washington bureau t
at a hearing on capitol hill. someone claimed to be the speaker defended in an online chat. bob, good morning. >> good morning, norah and charlie and good morning to viewers out west. edward snowden's father is urging him to stop the leaks, but snowden himself is not backing down. instead he's justifying his decision to reveal top u.s. intelligence secrets. >> consider what you're doing. >> in a direct plea edward snowden's father asked his son to stop leaking classified information and return he took this comment by vice president cheney on president chon sunday. pi t hink i think he's committed crimes by pvio lati ving aolatgreeing mentagresements given the
and if and when it happens. with that, i'm going to give it over to bob to give it over to the big guy. >> all right. the mayor we have today, please welcome mayor ed lee. [ applause ] . >> good morning, everyone. i thought when bob said he was going to introduce more irish people he was going to introduce me. i'm so glad you are all here today. i was checking to see if everybody was here. i want to thank you. we are coming together on the 107th anniversary. it's a constant reminder. i'm so glad to be working with everyone, the men and women from our department of safety and even today after we speak, we are signing in legislation that the entire board of supervisors and certainly shows with us this morning evidence that we continue to work hard to make sure our city is safe. soft story buildings is next up and we do a top off for the safety buildings for the bonds. we are on it. we are working, we are vigilant. this is the way we honor all of our survivors and the people we remind about the earthquake. thank you again for coming together on this great anniversary. great to see you again, eve
tantaros, dana perino, bob beckel and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." we are about to show you the first time, for the first time a world exclusive interview with the father of ed snowden who blew the whistle on the nsa snooping scandal. he reached out to someone he trusted, that happens to be me. after days of talking and e-mailing with mr. snowden, he agreed to sit down and talks. what follows is a man deeply concerned with the safety of his son and a man deeply concerned with the direction america is heading. >> i think people want to know, have you spoken to ed? >> no, the last time i saw ed was april 4th, in the shadow of the national security agency. we had gone out to dinner. he seemed to be carrying a heavy burden, i was concerned about him. i shared that after i came home, but we hugged as we always do. he said i love you, dad. i said i love you, ed. i expected to see him again. >> tell us a little about ed. people would like to hear about ed, would like to know what's he like. >> he is a sensitive, caring young man. this is the ed that i know. you know, the same eyes, it is the
chelsea ingram and bob turk are updating the conditions. >> certainly well enough to be out in the bay. we have one or two showers and one pretty good thunderstorm around the philadelphia and wilmington area up to the northeast. that storm moving to the southeast. may be effecting a little piece of cecil county in the next 15 to 20 minutes. we a tiny shower that's dissipated. a tiny shower just popping up in northern harford county. let's see where that's near. just around new park. maybe a brief shower in the next few minutes. that's all we're looking at right now. temperature wise, the mid 80s right now. right now 84. that is the normal high on this date in june. 78 ocean city and 76 in oakland, cumberland now the warm spot just before the rain there at 86. chelsea is in the out back with a look at our cloud cover and what's on top for tomorrow. looks like a better chance we'll see shower and thunderstorm activity. >> reporter: bob, you are exactly right. let's go ahead and throw up this graphic here. we have a disturbance that's going to be passing by towards the north. we have some pre
-- his 10-year term for an additional two years. i have known bob since 1970, which was his first year as a law student at university of virginia where i was on the law school faculty. he was a returning veteran from the vietnam war, having led a rifle platoon in the third marine division, receiving a bronze star, purple heart, and vietnamese cross of gallantry. i was always on the lookout for incoming students who played squash. bob more than filled that bill. he improve my game, although i never, never beat the man. i did, however, get to know him very well. he was a prince. bob also was smart, smart enough for me to offer him a job as my research assistant and dumb enough to accept. he was a delight to work with, and together, we produced an article -- the energy environment conflict: fighting electric power facilities -- which was published in 1972. when bob graduated from uva he left a real hole in my life, but i knew for sure he was going to accomplish great things. we kept in touch as his career progressed until fbi swallowed him in 2001. bob's legal career has been mainly in pu
next call for anthony sanders of george mason university comes from bob on our line for republicans. caller: what i would like to know is who is the federal reserve and how can they print $85 billion a month in counterfeit money? and what would the consequences be of an audit of the federal if you go to my teaching notes site, confoundedinterest. i usually post a lot of information on the federal reserve, its structure, and their impact. who are they? basically a group put together to represent the banking industry and kind of consolidate policy. it turns out they are on the federal government organization chart. to say they are independent and acting on their own is not right. the president gets to nominate the chairman of the federal reserve whether it is ben bernanke or alan greenspan or whomever. there it is. that was a particularly unfriendly one to the fed. what would an audit divulge?we are ready know what it would doubled. it would diebold that the -- it would divulge. it would divulge that they were -- americans might not appreciate that. on the one hand, if you are a belie
. >>> i am andrea tan tar as, with bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld, eric bolling. this is "the five." >>> the obama administration kicks into overdrive to quiet the outcry over its spying agenda. in an interview that aired last night, the president broke his silence of more than a week to discuss the controversy. here he is defending the secret surveillance program. >> if you are a u.s. person, the nsa cannot listen to your telephone calls unless they, and usually it wouldn't be they, it would be the fbi, go to a court and obtain a warrant and seek probable cause, the same way it has always been. nsa is not listening to your phone calls, it is not targeting your e-mails unless it is getting an individualized court order. >> and his nsa director, keith alexander made another appearance on the hill today to double down. >> in recent years these programs together with other intelligence has protected the u.s. and our allies from terrorist threats across the globe, to include helping prevent the potential terrorist events over 50 times since 9/11. these programs are critical to the inte
the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: good morning, again. and we begin this morning with the white house chief of staff, denis mcdonough. mr. mcdun athank you so much. happy father's day's to you, you're a father of... >> three. thanks very much, bob. it's the best job i'll ever have, as the president said today. happy father's day to you as well. >> schieffer: thank you very much. let's start with the news and that is the national security agency disclosures about whether americans' privacy has been invaded. this morning in the "washington post," barton gellman, who will be along later this morning on this broadcast, has a big front-page story about government officials, and he just underlines that this is something that's been going on for a long time. they've been worried about national security agency encroaching on americans' privacy. back in 2004, two officials at the time-- the acting attorney general, joams kome, and the f.b.i. director mueller threatened to resign because they thought the surveillance was being done-- that they were intriewgd on privacy. they didn't, but i
it was up 8%, and that brings us to bob pisani who also tracks the volatility. >> we do, and while it's been up since may 22nd when mr. bernanke gave his congressional testimony, the important thing is steady as she goes. the last few days, real found a floor. look at the dow industrials. in a rafnlg the whole month between 15,000 and 15,250 roughly. today we've been 160 points up since right at the open so there's your new sort of narrow short-term range. 3-1 advancing to declining stocks today, and the right kind of stocks run. what do i mean by that? stocks that you want to own in the growth environment, financials, for example, housing stocks are on the upside, the itb on the upside. tyler mentioned the home builder sentiment. the best we've seen in 2006 and also seen a nice move up in some of the energy stocks as well. bond etfs, those stocks as well. a nice move up. there's the bond etf, but the bottom line is for the most part yields are moving down and have been steady for the last couple of days. >> ben willis joins us as well. good to see you starting this monday. it is pretty impr
lower. hair cut on the nasdaq. we have complete coverage of this big two-day sell off. bob pisani, rick santelli, mike pento, brian reling and hedge heather hughs standing by. we the get to john once the numbers are out. see what they say about oracle and technology sector right now. first, let's break down the huge sell off with bob pisani. bob, what happened today? >> it wasn't just the feds. several factors moved the market to down side. let's show you the main three reasons i want to point out here. number two, china reducing liquidity. that hurt emerging markets as well as china. putting up s&p 500. normally it doesn't matter that much. a little after 2:00 p.m. eastern time, 1600 on s&p drooping below that and markets with another leg down. that's a big options expiration point and of course tomorrow is the options expiration day. i think that was a factor. china a often a factor affecting our markets. china the philippines thailand, india, mexico, doesn't really matter. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8% declines there. money overseas in the united states, dollar rising and playing havoc with commodi
. somebody answered the door and took the delivery. bob ward of fox 25 is live in boston. what's the latest on the investigation as you know it, bob? >> well, the latest we're hearing is that an arrest warrant was issued today for the arrest of aaron hernandez on obstruction from justice charges. and we believe the root of that is that his home surveillance system, the hard drive to that system was damaged when police arrived. police also wanted to go through his cell phone but when the lawyer handed over the cell phone it was damaged. we understand aaron hernandez has not been forth coming with state police. this arrest warned was issued. but, shepard, it's a little bit mysterious because we understand it's a paper warrant. it's not online. it's not in the court system. so it may be something that the state police are holding back as they try to negotiate with him to try to talk to him about what actually happened back early monday morning. >> shepard: bob, any word on what police were doing at his house today? >> no official word, but talking to some experts today, they may have been stop
a summer vacation. tonight, abc's bob woodruff explores the child miners of northern india. >> reporter: deep in the mountains of northeast india this is how the workday begins. a treacherous five-story climb down slippery bamboo ladders. >> go about 30 yards down. >> reporter: no safety gear, no emergency exits. >> it just keeps going deeper and deeper. >> reporter: a journey that becomes even more disturbing when you see the young coal miner leading the way. >> you live down here. >> reporter: his name is pemba. and along with hundreds of other children he's desperate enough and small enough to work this dark and dangerous underground system of tunnels nicknamed rat holes. eight hours a day, six days a week, in one of the most frightening workplaces on earth. >> this could collapse, huh? >> reporter: where a good day ends with a few dollars. and if you're lucky, daylight. this is in the indian state of meghalaya. stuck between china, bangladesh, and myanmar, it's an isolated world but a land rich with coal and money to be made. >> so when you're coming down the road you can see this b
's, one of the best steak houses in the country. i would like for you to meet chef bob teagueler from the morton's on connecticut avenue. this is one of the most beautiful spreads i think we've ever had, from the shrimp to the halibut to the salmon to the scallops, but look at those steaks over there. look how big and juicy they are. he said they have got to be the best with the prices we charge. >> exactly. >> but it is so good. >> we are well-known for our prime beef, but we do many other things also, a lot of fresh fish, lobster, scallops, oysters,. >> some people don't eat red meat, so when they go to morton's they have options. >> exactly. >> today we have a pan-seared halibut with brown butter caper sauce on a bed of vegetables with micro greens, and some wild mushrooms. sauteed in garlic and butter, parmesan cheese. >> and it smells so good. morton's is all over. really all over the world. >> we have them in asia, canada, mexico city, everywhere. >> i know. i can't the one thing about morton's wherever you go the taste is going to be the same. >> we work on getting everything t
. that is where we find bob barnard now. >> reporter: the crime scenemee is in the 21st floor floor apartment here at the skylineine towers apartment. now a man who says he was in his 19th floor apartment in the community's north tower says he heard five or six gunshot comino from the south tower just before 10:00 a.m. he says he also heard a woman screams after the shots were fired.d. we're still waiting to find out the identity of the victim andmd her killer, who police sayy apparently shot himself after ar shooting her. investigators not indicatingt what may have triggered the deadly violence.olence. >> the homicide investigatorse are on the scene and they're the conducting interviews as we speak. so hopefully we will learn more as the day goes by. >> terrific. it's terrible. it touches home too closely when you're three floors away fromaw what ha it's two towers and it happened on the south tower where i live. it was frightening and unfortunate, too, of course fors the woman. >> we're still waiting for the e names of the victim and herher killer and their relationship to each
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. my next guest says the strength of the economy is small business. bob hormats, undersecretary for economic growth, energy and the environment, joins me now in a fox business exclusive from national small business week in washington d.c. bob, it's great to see you, sir. this is, what, the 50th year of small business week? >> yes, it is, and i think it is an important thing to the country because small business, as you say, create a lot of jobs in this country. particularly new businesses, start-up businesses are extremely important to the dynamism of our economy and to hiring people. cheryl: bob, talk to me about the optimism that we're seeing not just in the index, but overall, because there's been so many headwinds for small businesses over the last two years in particular with bank lending, it has been tight, credit has been tight for small business, the new health care law, that has been a struggle for many small businesses. why do you think optimism is building when these are the headwinds we've got to kind of face here? >> well, some of the things that affect it are domes
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